Samphire Hoe, West of Dover

Southern & Country Roofing Ltd takes pride is the new standing seam roof instalment of Samphire Hoe which comprises of; Trocal finish. The building is protected by the queen and used for many filming opportunities, including the famous ‘Call the Midwife’ tv series. Samphire Hoe is also an award-winning build through ‘Coombs Construction’.

Bathurst Mews, London

Our Engineers at Southern & Country Roofing carried out the construction of a new roof using Spanish slate. The use of Lead parapet box gutters, new gable sloping stone and lead parapet capping were other aspects of the roof which underwent construction for the completion of the new roof instalment.

GMV5, London

GMV 05 is a South East London based development undergone by our engineers. The instalment of hot melt and single ply weathering was applied to the main roofs and terraces, with a green roof finish.

Cheyne Walk, London

Our Engineer’s at Southern & Country Roofing conducted multiple services on Cheyne Walk, a property previously owned by Roman Abramovich. The services involved comprised of; Trocal, Green roof, Slate and Lead.